Ep. 38 - Consequences (No New Friends?)

Obviously, a couple of bad boys like Jordan and Felix know all about consequences. Come hear all of our stories from the clink (and, by that, I mean listen to how we forged report cards, stuffed our bodies with garbage food, and disobeyed our parents).

Ep. 36 - Exercise (Mr. Mumau and his Rod)

We're more adept at running from our problems than for health purposes, but that doesn't mean we won’t comment on exercise in general. Was it better as kids with our grass-stained feet and, frankly, too much energy? Or is it better in the present now that we know the true benefits?

Ep. 35 - Learning (The Scatting Episode)

Everybody takes in information and synthesizes it in a different way. Some are visual learners, some are tactile learners, some come up with excuses as to why they shouldn't have to learn just to become another cog in the government’s system, right, brah? Wait, what were we talking about? #Legalizeit

Ep. 29 - Comfort (Dining With To-Sop Shakur)

Social Awkwardness, exercise, jeans that aren't broken-in yet... with so many things in this world that are uncomfortable, it's no surprise humans have developed so many habits to make themselves feel better again. So kick back, grab a drink, take your pants off and get comfy—this is a good (long) one.